Distressed Debt & Claims Trading

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RK&O is recognized internationally as a leader in distressed debt industry developments and legal practices. By representing many of the original investors in distressed bank loans, we helped create documentation, standards and customs that were adopted by the entire secondary loan trading marketplace. RK&O’s experience representing hedge funds, investment banks, CLOs and other financial institutions in all aspects of loan and claims trading gives our lawyers a unique understanding of the legal issues and commercial complexities that underpin the market. more +

RK&O has a core team of Debt & Claims Trading lawyers that is one of the largest and most experienced in the world. Our dedicated specialists are well-versed in market challenges and trends, allowing us to efficiently solve our clients’ most pressing legal needs. With a presence in New York and London, we provide responsive, real-time service to clients, while our deep relationships with highly skilled local counsel around the world help keep our clients engaged in cross-border business.

RK&O combines its experience in the distressed debt market with its wealth of expertise in lending, bankruptcy, credit derivatives, restructuring, litigation, private equity and securities. Our firm advises throughout the entire transaction, from the initial due diligence of the borrower, through the review of credit documentation, structuring of the transaction and negotiation of deal-specific purchase documentation.


  • Tax and ERISA issues that arise in acquiring and holding debt and claims.
  • Regulatory and compliance advice.
  • Analysis of claims.
  • Cross-border transactions.
  • Purchase and sales transactions.
  • Implementation of strategies to influence subsequent restructurings, reorganizations, bankruptcies and related litigation.
  • Representation of market authorities and industry-wide groups including the LSTA and the LMA.