Law Clerks

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RK&O values the experience that judicial clerks gain while working in the federal and state judiciary, and we believe it helps to drive success in private practice within our firm. Former clerks find great satisfaction in participating in key client matters in a meaningful and substantial way, often from day one.   

Our lean staffing approach and low partner-to-associate ratio provides all associates the opportunity to work directly with clients and to develop solid mentoring relationships within the firm. Cases retain the same team from start to finish, allowing our associates to build a strong relationship with, and an understanding of, each client. RK&O associates serve as a key point of contact for our clients, often dealing with them directly on a day-to-day basis.

We actively seek to hire law clerks and RK&O offers a generous clerk bonus as well as credit for time spent clerking for compensation and seniority purposes. RK&O is proud to currently have a dozen former federal and state court clerks at the firm, including: