Training & Development

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RK&O fosters and promotes a community of mentorship, and our associates are constantly learning from a broad swath of professionals. Each RK&O associate has an assigned mentor that helps them develop a career plan and find the appropriate path to success. During your time at the firm, you will also forge bonds with additional partners and senior associates that will allow you to learn a wide range of skills from supremely talented individuals. 

Your development plan is not based solely on class-year or practice area as it would be at a large firm. Instead, it is tailored to your personal progress, goals and objectives, setting you up to optimize your potential in a successful career at the firm and beyond. In addition to ongoing informal feedback throughout the year, our partners conduct formal sit-down reviews twice a year: one at mid-year and one at year-end. As part of the year-end review process, we ask associates to complete self-evaluations. The partners value the feedback they receive from each associate’s self-evaluation and use the information in conjunction with performance reviews to develop highly individualized yearly goals and objectives.

As part of our commitment to our lawyers’ professional development, we strive to ensure that our associates have the resources necessary to meet their career goals and objectives. The firm’s CLE program is one of the essential ways in which we help our lawyers continue their professional growth. We are an accredited CLE provider in New York State, which allows us to present programming specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and our lawyers.

Additionally, our associates can choose to join one of several firm committees, including the Associate Business Development Committee (ABDC) and the Diversity Committee. Joining a committee is an effective way to become more involved in the firm and to work alongside colleagues outside of your immediate practice group.

The ABDC, a committee comprised of only associates, aims to help their peers build strong business development skills, which are essential to your success as a lawyer. The committee designs workshops and other programming throughout the year based on the expressed needs and interests of our team of associates. Past workshops have addressed topics including adding value to pitch meetings, developing advanced networking skills and understanding law firm finance.

"Since I first started at the firm, I have appreciated how more senior colleagues have taken a vested interest in my professional development as a lawyer and growth within the firm. Additionally, I was, and still am, impressed at how the firm has managed to attract, retain and promote a remarkably diverse workforce, notwithstanding its size."

- Tim Lin (Partner)