Jahan Sharifi discusses retail investors in marketplace lending with American Banker

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December 28, 2015

Richards Kibbe & Orbe partner Jahan Sharifi was interviewed by American Banker and quoted in the article "Shift Away from Retail Investors Heightens Risks in Online Lending", the first in a two-part series examining destabilizing trends in the marketplace lending sector.

Mr. Sharifi discussed the growing potential for mutual funds focused on the marketplace lending sector.  Such funds would provide more stability for platforms that do not currently benefit from federally insured deposits and allow retail investors access to a new asset class.  

"There's a whole industry of financial advisers that sell the mutual-fund products," Mr. Sharifi said. "They're easy to transact in. It's not that the Lending Club or Prosper platforms are difficult to use — in fact they're easy to use — but you have to learn how to use them."

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