RK&O provides pro bono legal analysis for Humane Society Report on the trophy hunting of mountain lions

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May 3, 2017

In the recently released report “State of the Mountain Lion”, the Humane Society of the United States outlined policy recommendations to better protect mountain lions – also known as cougars, pumas and panthers – and to conserve the species for future generations.  This report is a key part of a long-term campaign by the Humane Society to raise awareness about dwindling mountain lion populations in the United States.

The report included a detailed examination of state laws and policies on the management of mountain lion populations. RK&O associate Margot Laporte performed research and analysis of the laws and regulations affecting the management of mountain lions in all 50 states, including statutes regarding the hunting of mountain lions and any nuisance control measures in each state. 

Click here to read “State of the Mountain Lion: A Call to End Trophy Hunting of America’s Lion”