Lee Richards discusses NCAA report on corruption in college basketball with Law360

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May 1, 2018

Experts suggest that the NCAA’s recent recommendations on how to solve corruption in college basketball aren’t likely to make much headway.  Many critics have argued that anything short of allowing players to get paid is pointless. 

RK&O partner Lee Richards discussed the recent report with Law360 and noted that that even if colleges did pay student athletes, the incentive to give and take bribes on top of that would remain with respect to top-tier players. "There will always be a strong incentive for these young men, who often come from a very modest background, to make as much money as possible as early as they can.”

He also said the report’s recommendations of stiffer penalties — yearslong bans for colleges, coaches and players caught breaking the rules, for example — might have some effect if they’re actually implemented, but that it’s unlikely they’ll end the NCAA’s culture of corruption by themselves. "There’s no silver bullet here. Corruption is very difficult to root out — it only takes two people to execute a commercial bribe,” he said. 

"NCAA Report Not A Slam Dunk For Corruption Troubles" - Law360 (subscription required)