RK&O Partner David Massey speaks with Law360 about NCAA corruption case

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May 15, 2019

New York federal prosecutors wrapped up their college basketball corruption probe with more bribery convictions last week, but the investigation’s failure to expand beyond its initial scope tempers the potential impact it will have on alleged corruption throughout college sports.

In the Law360 article "College Hoops Probe May Fall Short On Thwarting Corruption," RK&O partner David Massey discussed the overall impact it will have on the industry.  Mr. Massey mentioned, “It is easy to criticize a criminal prosecution in an ‘impact case’ like this, meaning a case that broadly addresses practices in a particular industry, for not getting the highest level people.  I would suspect that the case has had a major impact on the industry anyway."  He also noted that schools and shoe companies "undoubtedly went crazy over this in terms of enhancing their compliance systems to prevent and detect the activity covered by the indictments."

College Hoops Probe May Fall Short On Thwarting Corruption - Law360 (subscription required)