RK&O partner Audrey Ingram discusses U.S. v. Hoskins with The AmLaw Litigation Daily

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November 12, 2019

On November 8, a federal jury in Connecticut found 69-year-old Lawrence Hoskins guilty of violating the FCPA, as well as money laundering. While the defense vigorously argued that Mr. Hoskins was technically beyond the reach of the FCPA, Justice Department prosecutors described a path of corruption and cover up that jurors found more persuasive. This was a closely-watched case that has many FCPA defense lawyers talking.  

RK&O partner Audrey Ingram discussed this case with The AmLaw Litigation Daily, noting that “the conduct at issue took place in 2002, Mr. Hoskins was indicted in 2013, and found guilty in 2019. This case will be a cautionary tale used in every corporate anti-corruption training about the broad scope of U.S. enforcement.”

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