RK&O Statement on Racial Equality

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June 9, 2020

The last week in our nation has seen the deepening of wounds that have never been given a chance to heal because the same story has repeated itself over and over again – on camera for several decades, and off camera for centuries.  For some of us, the video confirmation of the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police was shocking news. For others, this story was only further visual confirmation of a historical disregard for Black lives that has been a part of Black oral history for centuries. Regardless of how we come to know it, we are all aware that communities of color have been subject to racially-motivated, discriminatory, abusive and deadly policies and tactics for a very long time. 

Richards Kibbe & Orbe recognizes that this reality, and the sense of powerlessness to end it, brings significant pain to us all.  We encourage everyone to continue to talk about our different experiences, to educate each other on the impacts of institutional and structural racism, and in so doing, further the healing and well-being of everyone in our work community. Mostly, we did not wish to let this moment in our national history pass without comment, and by doing so ignore our shared distress.