RK&O partner Greg Plotko speaks on "Opportunity Amidst Crisis" webinar hosted by Financial Poise

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June 23, 2020

Financial Poise hosted a webinar "Opportunity Amidst Crisis" for business owners, corporate directors and officers, private equity professionals and others seeking to learn the ins and outs of dealing with a financially distressed company. RK&O partner Greg Plotko was one of the featured panelists on this webinar. Topics covered include:

  • How companies and their directors and officers should conduct themselves when facing insolvency
  • Strategic options available to financially distressed companies (friendly foreclosure, assignments for the benefit of creditors, Chapter 11, etc.)
  • How to spot opportunities to purchase financially distressed companies & the various strategies and mechanisms available to do so, including through
  • How to structure a deal (equity v. assets; hard v. soft assets; going concern v. pieces)
  • The vendors’ perspective
  • How the impact of COVID-19 plays into all of the above.