“Succession Planning Series” by Scott Budlong, William Orbe and Kenneth Werner published by The Hedge Fund Law Report

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November 21, 2013

Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP partners Scott C. Budlong, William Q. Orbe and Kenneth E. Werner published “Succession Planning Series: A Blueprint for Hedge Fund Founders Seeking to Pass Along the Firm to the Next Generation of Leaders?” a two-part series that appeared in The Hedge Fund Law Report.

A generation of hedge fund founders is arriving at a crossroads. By one estimate, around $600 billion of the industry’s assets are managed by firms whose founding principals will reach at least their sixties in the next decade. As they begin to contemplate retirement or devoting time to other projects, founders are considering a fundamental question: Do I want the firm to continue after I leave the stage?

This two-part series by Messrs. Budlong, Orbe and Werner addressed the critical considerations involved in succession planning, including:

  • advance planning for leadership transitions;
  • choosing new leaders;
  • the treatment of the founder’s economic interest in the firm;
  • retaining and motivating key talent;
  • a variety of issues concerning succession execution, including investor communications, consent issues and key-man provisions in partnership agreements; and
  • the possibility of selling an interest in the manager to a third party.

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