"Individuals in Cross-Border Investigations or Proceedings: The U.S. Perspective" published by
Global Investigations Review

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January 24, 2017

Representing individuals in parallel or cross-border investigations and proceedings requires the ability to interact with counsel in multiple jurisdictions and disciplines, and a dogged focus on the desired result, often in the face of complex and competing jurisdictional, procedural and legal obstacles. In some instances, issues of foreign law or regulatory climate, as well as the nature and order of interactions with regulators and third parties, can affect the outcome to a greater extent than the underlying facts or evidence.

In this chapter of the 2017 Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations, RK&O attorney Margot Laporte discusses certain variables counsel should anticipate, including extradition, asset seizures and forfeiture, interaction with local counsel, pool counsel and privilege considerations, evidentiary issues involving cross-border document production and parallel proceedings, and issues involving settlement and client reputational risk.

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