Bloomberg Law and Scott Budlong Publish New Portfolio on Hedge Fund Equity Investing

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August 16, 2017

Bloomberg Law and Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP announced today the publication of Hedge Fund Equity Investing: U.S. Legal Issues, a portfolio that focuses on issues related to federal securities law that may apply to hedge funds when buying, holding and selling U.S. equity securities. The Portfolio, which is available to Bloomberg Law subscribers, is written by RK&O Partner Scott C. Budlong.

The Portfolio discusses fund investing in U.S. publicly-traded securities but also details particular securities laws issues impacting the ability of hedge funds to invest in and resell restricted securities of public and private companies and securities issued in connection with reorganizations. It is structured into four areas that address recurring issues faced by in-house counsel, including SEC reporting, liquidity issues, other securities regulatory issues (including rules regarding shareholder communications, tender offer rules and prohibitions on market manipulation), and legal and issuer-specific limits on equity ownership. The Portfolio was authored to serve as a practical guide for hedge fund counsel, equipping them with a sound conceptual foothold in the subjects it addresses as well as providing answers to a variety of specific questions that counsel may encounter.

“As hedge fund investments in equity securities continue to be critical components of fund portfolios and strategies, in-house counsel, and the law firms that advise them, must understand the complexities of the securities laws and how they impact hedge fund investments in public and private equity securities,” said Alex Butler, Vice President & General Manager, Corporate, Tech & IP at Bloomberg Law. “We greatly appreciate Scott’s contributions in authoring this Portfolio, which addresses a variety of recurring questions that hedge fund managers and their counsel need to be aware of when buying, holding or selling equity securities purchased in public and private markets.” 

“I’ve designed this Portfolio as a practical resource for lawyers who work with hedge funds pursuing U.S. equity investment strategies,” said Budlong. “It can serve both as an overview for lawyers who want an introduction or refresher in the space, and as a source of specific answers and illustrations for experienced counsel addressing targeted issues on behalf of their hedge fund clients. It has been a pleasure to produce this publication with the Bloomberg Law team.”

Bloomberg Law portfolios are written by expert practitioners and feature deep-dive analysis and practice tools, such as checklists, sample client letters, forms and other supporting material, on a wide range of key legal topics. 

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