Marketplace Lending

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Marketplace lending is leading a wave of financial innovation, increasing efficiency and expanding access to credit to underserved markets. While marketplace lending platforms are evolving quickly, the legal and regulatory frameworks that support them are only beginning to take shape.

With an extensive history of representing clients in new and disruptive financial markets, RK&O is once again at the forefront of the opportunities and challenges facing marketplace lending platforms and investors. RK&O draws upon two decades of experience in alternative investment strategies and secondary market trading, which includes developing the market standards for many high-profile trading situations and counseling market leaders in complex illiquid investment portfolios. more +

Clients regularly turn to RK&O for insight on key developments, economic opportunities and the outlook for future growth in the marketplace lending industry. Our lawyers have presented to networking groups and top industry organizations, as well as authored several white papers on legal and regulatory issues facing the market.

RK&O has also partnered with the Wharton FinTech club to benchmark the changing perceptions of institutional investors through the 2016 Marketplace Lending Survey. We polled over 300 institutions to analyze the market’s adoption of novel lending technologies and the growing supply of consumer and small business loans generated by these new electronic lending platforms. Click here to learn more about this survey.