Corporate & Finance Transactions

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RK&O’s Corporate & Finance Transactions group does not spend much time following convention. Instead, we prefer to pave the path towards innovative and creative investment strategies. More than 25 years ago, our firm pioneered the legal framework governing the now common practice of trading in distressed bank loans, virtually creating the entire secondary market in such assets. Today, we continue to find new and unconventional solutions for our clients, including high-value investments in complex illiquid assets.

Our blue chip clients include hedge funds and other private investment funds, trading desks, investment banks and other financial industry organizations. Eight of the top 10 global investment banks, six of the 10 largest private equity funds and 31 of the top 100 hedge funds, as ranked by assets under management, turn to RK&O for trusted legal counsel. 

Often, the deep relationships with our clients were forged in the early stages of their development—in some instances, on their first day in business. RK&O has proudly grown alongside these clients, adapting our practice to serve their changing and maturing legal needs. Our clients appreciate the personal attention that RK&O partners devote to their businesses, as well as the firm’s ability to execute complex transactions to scale.

Our practice reflects RK&O’s financial sector focus, while our willingness to break new ground makes us an ideal partner for companies looking for legal advisors capable of fresh thinking. It also draws us into emerging markets, new asset classes and disruptive business practices such as non-bank lending, where RK&O has become a leading voice.